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The Newborn Experience

After nine months of eager anticipation, your little angel has finally arrived!   It seems as if in the blink of an eye your whole life has dramatically changed and without permission, it will keep on changing.   Fortunately, we can freeze this special time in your life with a newborn photo session.  Ten tiny toes, delicate hands, and all of the innocence a newborn embodies will forever be cherished in timeless photographs. 


Rachael’s Photography Style

“It is important to me that every newborn session is comfortable, relaxed, and fun.  That is why I always schedule shoots to take place in the comfort of a client’s home.  Photographing around areas of your home creates a personal feel that just can’t be duplicated in a cold unfamiliar studio.   The more personal items that are involved the more special the photos will be.  I strongly suggest incorporating favorite books, wedding bands, heirloom jewelry, and handmade blankets.  I try to incorporate as much natural light as possible to create a warmer, natural feel in my photographs but I will add fill light as necessary. I like to think I capture every client, from baby to grandmother, in their most natural state, and then enhance each photo to perfection in post production retouching." -Rachael Reis Sarafian


Scheduling a session

Newborn photography sessions are unlike any other. To capture the coveted sleepy photographs, it is extremely important that your shoot be done within the first TEN days of birth, no later than two weeks. It is within this time frame that the baby is able to sleep most soundly and is capable of being posed without too much fuss.  Inquiring about a session as soon as possible is necessary to determine availability.   Unless you have a scheduled delivery and can make a set appointment, it is important to establish contact (text or email) as soon as possible to schedule a date to ensure availability.


How long does a session last?

Newborn sessions take approximately 1-3 hrs.  Upon arrival on the day of the session, we will explore different areas of your location for the best possible lighting & setting and then it's time to set up and quickly get to work! With newborns, some fuss and crying is to be expected but it is best to schedule the shoot around feedings. 1 1/2- 2 hours allows time for a feeding, diaper changes & plenty of back rubs in between shooting.  It’s important not to get discouraged when this happens and remind yourself that it’s hard work being that tiny AND adorable.



Rachael carefully assesses each and every image from the session and uses her creative eye to choose the best images out of the many shots taken. The best poses, lighting, and facial expressions are all critically judged against one another eliminating the overwhelming task of going through many images yourself.  Each of these selected images will then be retouched and posted to an online private gallery for viewing, as well as prepared on a cd or emailed via online transfer for you to do with as you wish.  

Please see the "Newborn Photography" section in the Pricing menu for pricing and further details. 


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